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How to get more influencer video content without having to work for it.


We all know that user generated content - especially video - is a key component to any marketing campaign. Whether product reviews, customer testimonials, or simply some fun branded content for social, you need lots of authentic, original video. All the time.

If you can simplify the process - on your end and for the customer - you can really start to scale the amount of authentic video, you can obtain.

Iconiq Engage is an easy to use, video request tool that creates a direct link for anyone to share video with you instantly - without making them download software or yet another app. 

Engage solves these two hurdles for gathering user generated video content by:

1. Integrating video requests into your existing marketing activities and campaigns so it becomes an automated part of your process.

2. Making it easy for customers to get their video to you - straight from their phone with no additional apps or accounts they have to create.

So, what are the ways you can ask for - and get - video from influencers and customers with Engage? Check out the list of our top 5 methods below.

Top 5 Ways to Get Video Automatically

See how easily you can get influencer and customer videos with Iconiq Engage.

In a few simple steps, you could be using Iconiq Engage.