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Never Use Stock Video Again!

Get custom video footage without spending a fortune or needing a long lead time. Better than stock video clips, just as easily.

HubSpot Video


When you submit a request, it is sent instantly to our videographer network. Multiple videographers accept your assignment and shoot original video for you. Our 24/7 curation team is also monitoring requests and reviewing video submissions for quality control.

Within hours* you will start to receive a set of video clips from each of them. That's right, you not only get a set of video clips for each request, but you also get multiple sets to choose from. And you can buy as many as you want. 

From there, the Iconiq video content creation platform lets you produce and share your content seamlessly.

Learn more about how Iconiq Crowd requests work. 

Customer Spotlight

MGM Lightworkers

MGM Lightworkers gets real-time video from across the US without having to send their production crew saves time, money and enables them tell stories from a diverse range of locations and communities. In this video they share how they create social video that engages their audience with Iconiq. WATCH NOW

MGM Lightworkers
MGM Lightworkers and Iconiq Crowd Video Sourcing

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