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High-Quality Live Streaming at Scale

Iconiq Live Production Solutions

Live Studio

Send video and live feeds directly to the Iconiq Live Studio for dynamic productions. One the benefits of producing your stream on the Iconiq platform is that you get an automatic VOD of each individual feed as well as your produced stream. Other features include:

  • Remote switching and PIP templates

  • Live graphics

  • Native streaming to social

  • Multicasting to any destination

  • Live stream hosting and embed link

Dual Camera Live Streaming with the Iconiq App

The Iconiq app allows anyone to go live with two cameras on the same smartphone. For example, send both a rear and front-facing live stream simultaneously to use as two separate camera sources to switch between.

Remote Interviews and Guests

Record or stream your interviews with a true video solution, not meeting software. Simply send a link and anyone can instantly join your stream with ultra-low latency and bi-directional contribution over IP.

Or use the feature to interview remote quests for commentary that is available in real-time, from any location, right in your account for editing and sharing.

The produced stream and each individual feed are automatically saved in as separate videos for future editing and production too!

New Live Interview Stringr-thumb
Live Streaming with Iconiq
Scale Your Live Productions

Produce more live events with Iconiq by simply submitting a request to our 24/7 video curation team. They connect you to our network of over 120,000 global videographers. 

Our videographers are already vetted and located where you need to stream from. No more wasted time trying to find the right vendor or sending someone onsite. 

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