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MGM Lightworkers uses Iconiq Video Sourcing to get content their audience loves, without breaking the bank

"What we found really works across our social channels is video content that is in real-time"

Tara Harper
MGM Lightworkers

"We were really excited to have an entire network of videographers at our fingertips"

HubSpot Video


While MGM Lightworkers had a production team in their Los Angeles headquarters, all of their stories couldn't be based there. They needed content from local communities across the United States.

So, they faced a few challenges in getting real-time stories to share on their social media channels:

  • Time: getting the stories as quickly as possible
  • Budget: avoiding the travel cost of sending a crew to a remote location

Iconiq gave them access to videographers across the country to be able to share stories beyond NY and Los Angeles and create content that is relevant to their audience quickly, easily and affordably.

Lightworkers needed to source video footage wherever the story was, and they couldn't afford to waste time trying to find a local (and reliable) videographer.

Iconiq's video sourcing solution sends the video request to videographers already on location - which saves an enormous amount of time and budget because there are no scheduling delays and travel costs to send a production crew.