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Get Customer & Influencer Videos Instantly with Iconiq Engage


Iconiq Engage is a unique way to instantly source videos from customers and influencers. With Engage, you easily get custom user generated content to use in all your referral marketing projects - social video, reviews, demonstrations and more. 

How it works: Simply define what you are looking for and get an automatically generated link and QR code that you can send to anyone - or post on social media to let everyone share their story with you.

As soon as a video is sent through the link, it will be available in your Iconiq account to create clips, add graphics, use in other video projects or simply share directly to social for authentic advertising and campaigns.


Want to learn how you can get more social video with Engage?

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Other Iconiq Video Sourcing Options

Iconiq Assign

Leverage your team for fast live and recorded video sourcing. Send alerts and receive live and recorded video directly through the Iconiq App.

Iconiq Assign

Iconiq Pro

When you need a fully produced video, but don’t want to have to go through the hassle of trying to find a local videographer or send a production crew, Iconiq does it for you.

Pro Image-1

Iconiq Crowd

Get multiple HD b-roll video clips in a matter of hours instead of using stock video clips by requesting video from over 120,000 videographers.

Crowd Image

Complete Video Solution

Iconiq is the only end-to-end video production platform that starts at the source. Iconiq delivers custom video without the time and expense of hiring a production company or using multiple software solutions.